Nail Care 3 Piece Set

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This 3 Piece Nail Care Set combines vegan and non-toxic formulas for healthier, smoother, and stronger nails. Use these nail care products to keep your nails looking their best! Get salon-like results from nourishing ingredients that can help your nails look and feel better. This formula is non-breathable so the primary focus is to replenish your nails and see long lasting improvements.

Deep Nail Nutrition: This nourishing treatment seals Keratin cells, resulting in stronger, smoother nails. With only twice-weekly application, visible results should be evident after one month.

Almond Cuticle Oil: Delivers rapid hydration to revive nails, making them feel renewed and vigorous.

Ridge Filler: Creates a shield of protection and healing by filling in nail ridges. Contains Vitamin E & C, scientifically proven to repair damage.

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Mersi Breathable Nail polish

✔️     Free of 21-toxic chemicals
✔️     Vegan & Cruelty-Free
✔️     Halal-certified formula
✔️     Breathable, water-permeable formula

Typical Mainstream Nail Polish

✗     Typically contains harsh chemicals
✗     Contains animal byproducts
✗     Creates impermeable layer when applied essentially blocking your nails from oxygen and moisture



Our products are PETA Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free.


Our products are Halal Certified by Islamic Services of America.


Our products are lab tested for water permeability by SGS Labs.


Certified professional beauty forum.

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